Buying a New Honda from Out of State at Roush Honda:

Seamless Out-of-State Purchases Made Easy with Roush Honda

If you’re exploring vehicle options beyond your local area, Roush Honda in Ohio welcomes out-of-state buyers. We specialize in simplifying the purchase process for customers nationwide, helping you secure the perfect vehicle without the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Out-of-State Vehicle Purchases

1. Do You Offer Vehicle Shipping?

Yes, Roush Honda offers shipping options for vehicles across the continental United States, ensuring your new Honda reaches you wherever you are.

2. How Do Pricing and Incentives Work?

Our vehicle prices reflect all applicable Honda incentives for Ohio. Depending on your home state, these incentives might vary. Rest assured, we will customize the pricing to ensure you receive the best offers available to you.

3. What About Taxes?

You will generally pay sales tax in your home state when you register the car. However, Ohio has state tax reciprocity with Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. While some other states might have unique sales tax requirements, rest assured, we’ll guide you through the process so you know exactly what to expect and for your home state.

4. Can I Register a Roush Honda Vehicle in My Home State?

Absolutely! We facilitate the registration process by providing all necessary documents to comply with your state’s requirements, including emissions standards if applicable.

5. Can I Finance Through My Bank or Credit Union?

In most cases, you can finance your vehicle purchase through your own bank or credit union and we’ll help coordinate with your financial institution to ensure a smooth transaction. While drafts, letters of credit, or funds on hold aren’t accepted for out-of-state deals, we’re here to assist you in securing financing options that suit your needs.

6. What About Insurance and Registration?

We’ll guide you through the process of providing the necessary state-specific insurance, driver’s licenses, and identification proofs. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your documents match your new registration address seamlessly.

7. Handling Title and Registration on My Own?

For compliance with manufacturer and lender requirements, the dealership must provide proof of registration and lien records. This ensures a secure transaction that aligns with Honda’s incentives. And, although we handle the initial documentation, some states may require you to finalize certain details locally. We provide all the necessary paperwork to make this process as straightforward as possible.

8. Addressing Additional Fees Charged by Your State?

While we strive to estimate local fees, sales tax, and other charges for your home state, some states might require additional information. Your assistance in providing necessary documents and fees is invaluable in expediting the delivery of your vehicle.

9. Timelines for New Registration?

Each state’s processing time for out-of-state titles and registration varies. Factors like emissions, inspections, and property tax payments might influence processing times. Our goal is to finalize registration within 60 days, provided we have all the requisite documents.

At Roush Honda, we’re dedicated to making your out-of-state vehicle purchase a hassle-free affair that exceeds expectations. Our expansive selection ensures you find the perfect Honda to suit your style. Reach out to discover our comprehensive services and how we can facilitate your journey to owning a new Honda, wherever your home may be.

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